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I think portrait photographers can do their best work when they employ visual storytelling.

Visual storytelling is the vehicle that helps you think about every aspect of the portrait your audience will love.

That's why we emphasize these stories in our podcast and everything we share on this site.

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William Beem

We Help Photographers Become Better Visual Storytellers

What is visual storytelling?
It’s a method of approaching your photography with the knowledge of who you’re trying to serve with your photos, and what emotion you want to make them feel. We encourage you to concentrate on your subject, light and background to create a photo your audience loves.
I’m glad you found us!

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6 thoughts on “About”

  1. I really appreciate your approach to photography. I too have a day job, started shooting with film as a youngster, lost interest because film is a hassle, rediscovered photography thru the digital format; first via my iphone, then point and shoot, then investing in a DSLR. Thank you for sharing. Your pictures are fantastic and your style, making photographs as opposed to taking them, is very, well, honest. Inspiring.

  2. Thanks for all the weird and quirky post. It is always a pleasure to read about your random thoughts and see them translated into cool pictures.
    If you ever come by Egypt, drop by and I’ll take you out for some underwater photography.

    1. Kjeld,

      Thanks. I’m not sure how to control the thoughts that come into my head, but that’s why I started this site. It gives me a place to just let them ooze out and see what form it takes.

      I would love to take a trip to Egypt for some photography, but I’ve never been diving before. I have this thing I call Beem’s Law: When you transition between land and sea, you reverse your position in the food chain.

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