Have You Discovered There's More to Photography Than Exposure?

Let's see if some of these questions are familiar to you.

“Do you struggle to tell a story with your photos?”

“Have you ever been confused about how to light a subject or model?”

“Would you like to know how to make money from photos you've already taken?”

“Are you unsure if you should use TTL or Manual with your flash?”

“Confused about how to get access to the places you want to photograph?”

“Ever wonder when you need to use flash or stick with available light?”

Here's What You Can Expect on This Site

You may be wondering who I am and why bother listening to my about photography.

I'm someone who probably isn't that different from you, but is maybe a few steps ahead on the same journey. That's why I wrote over a thousand posts, podcasts and videos about photography.

Why did I do it?

To provide other photographers with my experience and insight to help them change the way they think about photography so they can create new photos they never imagined.

While I have articles and other material discussing gear and equipment, that isn't really my primary motivation. Instead, I want to help you think not only of what photos you want to take, but why you're taking them.

I talk about telling stories with your photography and communicating with your viewer. That way of thinking really changes how you approach your photography. It works for travel, landscape, food, portrait and any other genre you can imagine. Finding your inner motivation and learning how to bring it out transforms your photography in ways you can't imagine.

That's my goal. To help you find your inner motivation to take better photos and amaze your viewers.

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Start with your creative vision and turn it into a finished photo that makes you smile. William can help you see the path from idea to completion in addition he shares tips, reviews and discounts to help you get the most out of the tools at your disposal.

About William Beem Photography

Portrait Photography and Travel Photography

William Beem

William Beem

Portrait Photographer / William Beem Photography

William Beem is a portrait photographer, blogger and podcaster. He lives in Central Florida with his wife and daughter.

About William Beem Photography

This site is a resource for fellow photographers who want to go beyond technical tips and start thinking about the stories they want to tell and the audience they want to impact.

How Does He Know About Photography?

I picked up my first SLR camera in school, back in the late 1970's when we used film and lived in caves. My plan for a career was to be a professional photographer and I was looking at attending some of the best photography schools in the country. I had it nailed down to two schools when something unexpected happened.

I got a personal computer.

An Apple ][+, to be specific. It offered a whole new level of creativity and changed my career path to work in IT.

In the early 2000's, I missed photography and got back into it. Digital cameras were on the market and that appealed to my technical side while photography satisfied my sense of creativity.

Of course, my photos really sucked.

The good news is that I realized they sucked, and I embarked on learning how to make photos that don't suck. I felt like a crash-test dummy, bouncing from one genre to the next until I found out what subjects appealed to me, and learned how to make them attractive to a viewer.

I discovered that learning the technical details of exposure, lighting and other gear isn't what makes an interesting photo. Your photos need to speak to people on an instinctive level.

Photography that communicates a story or concept can immediately attract attention. When you take a photo of a place that makes people want to go there, you can do anything from give them a moment of happiness or change the course of their lives.

My wife and I have a photography podcast where we discuss the concepts of photography and how to find your inner motivation. When that happens, you stop being a technician cranking out photos and start being a storyteller who takes better photos and amazes your audience.

More Facts About William

Here's some basic info about me

  • I'm married to my lovely wife, Lee
  • We have a daughter, Tové
  • I love portrait photography, but also shoot a lot of travel photography.
  • My gear is by Nikon
  • I used to be an author of computer books, magazine articles and editorial columns
  • I quit Tae Kwon Do before my Black Belt exam because my instructor assured me I was going to pass
  • I'm an Eagle Scout (even though I was assured I was going to pass)
  • I have a long career in the Information Security field

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