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When to Choose Black and White for Photos

When to Choose Black and White

How do you know when to choose black and white for photos? There’s a certain amount of personal taste, of course, but some photos lend themselves to monochrome. Embed This Image On Your Site (copy code below): Courtesy of: William Beem Photography


Bullish by William Beem

It was summer and I went up to New York to visit my friend, Colleen.  I’d been to the city a few times before, but always on business.  Colleen was nice enough to indulge me and do a lot of the tourist stuff.  This was one of those stops.  Moments before, a group of guys […]

Photo Friday – Miss Liberty

Miss Liberty by William Beem

Photo Friday – I Saw the Light

I Saw the Light by William Beem

Maybe the Past is an Anchor

Maybe the past is an anchor


Colleen with Liberduck on top of the Empire State Building

I met Colleen Fletcher (known online as Digicolleen) a few years ago on Flickr.  Her husband accepted an assignment in Las Vegas and they moved into a new house.  Looking over her new home, she wanted to decorate the bathroom a bit and bought a rubber duck.  That started a hobby that has since lead […]