Resistance is Futile

The Hive Mind at Work Shhh!  He’s sleeping. I wanted to share this photo to prove a point. The Borg – for those of you who aren’t up to speed with Star Trek – are an inter-connected species that process and share information by parallel computing.  Essentially, each Borg processes information in support of the […]

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On the Road Again

Hello from the Great White North. By that, I don’t mean Canada. Anything north of Gainesville, FL is Yankee territory to me. This week, I’m in the D.C. area for a business trip, so blogging is a bit off the mark. With any luck, I’ll have some nice shots to share when I return. Just […]

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Thoughts on my iPad 3G

I ordered an iPad. The first one with WiFi only wasn’t really what I wanted, though.  I needed mobile connectivity and I knew that I couldn’t depend on having abundant hotspots around.  In fact, the primary place where I want to use the iPad doesn’t have any WiFi at all.  That meant waiting for the […]

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Review: First Impression of the iPad

Now that it’s been out for a week, I finally made my way to an Apple Store to check out the iPad in person.  There isn’t much I can say here that hasn’t already been discussed in reviews where people spent more than five minutes with the iPad, but that won’t stop me from writing. […]

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