Celebrating 200 Episodes of Visual Storytelling

Celebrating 200 Episodes of Visual Storytelling

We're celebrating 200 episodes of Visual Storytelling on the I Like Your Picture podcast.

For all the photographers who listened to us for a long time, thank you. Lee and I started doing this podcast to share our thoughts on photography, not photography gear or software. Those are all fun things, but it's the heart and soul of the photographer that makes the final result. That's what we love discussing.

If you're new to our podcast, thank you for giving us a try. We hope you find something interesting that gives you some ideas to try on your next photo session.

We're All About Visual Storytelling

Like most podcasts, I started off with a bit of an idea that wasn't fully fleshed out. The topics were all over the place and I bring a bit to go back and listen to my first episodes.

However, we found our footing by talking about the Five Elements of Visual Storytelling. They've become the core of what we discuss on I Like Your Picture podcast, and what's still to come.

What are those five elements of visual storytelling?

  • Audience – the people who like your photos
  • Background
  • Light
  • Subject
  • Emotion – how your audience feels when they see your photo

Get Your FREE Copy of Visual Stories

We have a free ebook called Visual Stories that shares our philosophy about creating photos. Rather than repeat everything again, we'd like to encourage you to download it. You'll have it as a reference to use and share.

Click Here to Get Visual Stories

This guides everything we do, and we'd love your comments or feedback. Please let us know if you have any questions about Visual Storytelling or anything else related to photography.



Celebrating 200 Episodes of Visual Storytelling

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