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Learn the right order to develop your photos in Lightroom Classic!

Tired of making an adjustment in Lightroom, only to find it corrupted your color or made things worse?

There's a correct order to developing your photos to achieve the best results and save time. Get your checklist to learn the order and learn why it matters

Get your free Lightroom Classic Develop Workflow now!

Stop wasting time in the Lightroom Classic Develop module. This FREE checklist will help you understand the right order to use the tools and explain what each step does to help you.

If you think the best order to develop your photos is to go from top to bottom on the develop module panels, you're doing it wrong. That approach will corrupt your colors and cause you wasted time and confusion as you go back trying to figure out what went wrong

Instead, there's an easy process to prepare your photo, add your enhancements and finishing touches. I created this checklist as a reminder of that order, but there's more to it.

There are four pages under the checklist to describe each step so you understand what to do and why. I also point out which steps are optional, so you know when to use them or save even more time by concentrating only on the panels and tools that you need.

Learn the right order to develop your photos in Lightroom Classic!

Stop wasting time developing your photos by using the wrong workflow. This checklist makes it easy!

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