New York

Tom’s Restaurant

Tom’s Restaurant @ 2880 Broadway in New York.  If it looks familiar, it’s because the Seinfeld TV show used this place for exterior shots of the fictional Monk’s Diner in the show. The interior looks nothing like the set used for the show, but that’s what happens when you peel back the layers of TV or […]

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It was summer and I went up to New York to visit my friend, Colleen.  I’d been to the city a few times before, but always on business.  Colleen was nice enough to indulge me and do a lot of the tourist stuff.  This was one of those stops.  Moments before, a group of guys […]

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I met Colleen Fletcher (known online as Digicolleen) a few years ago on Flickr.  Her husband accepted an assignment in Las Vegas and they moved into a new house.  Looking over her new home, she wanted to decorate the bathroom a bit and bought a rubber duck.  That started a hobby that has since lead […]

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