Color Grading with Luminar

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Color grading with Luminar is a fast and easy way to add a cinematic color grade effect or even do some color correction to your photos. This video shows some of the filters Luminar provides to enhance the color in your photos.

Video: Color Grading with Luminar

Luminar Has Plenty of Filters for Color Grading and Color Correction

There are a lot of filters to help enhance your photos by color grading with Luminar. In this video, we look at some that can help you with color grading and color correction for your photos, including:

  • Color Temperature
  • Color Balance
  • Channel Mixer
  • Curves
  • HSL
  • Split Color Warmth
  • Split Toning

Whether you want to fix a photo with some color correction or add your own cinematic color grading to enhance a mood, Luminar has a filter for you.

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Luminar Neo

Luminar Neo is an AI-powered photo editor that turns any portrait into a stunning masterpiece. With FaceAI and SkinAI, you can easily retouch portraits, removing blemishes and highlighting facial features. And with the Portrait BokehAI tool, you can create a beautiful bokeh effect in any light. Plus, the Background Removal tool makes it easy to remove backgrounds without spending hours masking.

Skylum now offers Luminar Neo as either a stand-alone tool or part of a membership with extensions to offer more valuable tools like:

  • HDR Merge
  • Noiseless AI
  • Upscale AI
  • AI Background Removal
  • GenErase
  • GenExpand
  • GenRemove

Additional extensions are coming.

Luminar Neo's exposure correction and color vibrancy features for all your travel memories will keep your photos looking natural and beautiful.

Finally, Luminar Neo's SkinAI and FaceAI provide the perfect finishing touches for your portraits, ensuring stunning results every time.

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  • Easy to use
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  • May be slow on older computers
  • File management is rudimentary
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