Luminar AI Elements

Learn every single tool in Luminar AI, how to use all the options and join the course discussion group.
William · December 28, 2020
Luminar AI Elements Course
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Ready to Master Luminar AI?

Looking to master Luminar AI, but not sure where to start?

This course covers every single tool in Luminar AI. You'll see all of the options and how to use them to create great photographs.

We also have a group and forum dedicated to Luminar AI Elements, so you can ask questions, network with other students, and learn about new features as they're added to Luminar AI.

If you don't have Luminar AI yet, you can get this course for FREE! Just buy Luminar AI using my coupon code – BEEM . You save $10 with that code.  Show me the receipt. Once I verify the purchase, I'll give you access to Luminar AI at no cost.

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Who is Luminar AI Elements For?

Anyone who wants to learn how to use all of the tools and features of Luminar AI can benefit from this course.

It works as a tutorial, reference and community.

Luminar AI Beginners

Not sure how to get started with Luminar AI? This courses starts with how to install Luminar AI, navigate the user interface, and provides a detailed view of every single tool and control.

People who need great results - fast!

Luminar AI has a different workflow than previous versions. You'll learn how to get great results without taking a lot of time.

Upgrading from a previous version of Luminar?

Some of the features in Luminar AI are similar, but key elements have changes. You'll learn how to work without layers to achieve similar results and more.

People who want a Luminar AI Reference

The course breaks up each tool into different videos so you can quickly and easily find just the information you want.

Who should not get Luminar AI elements?

I designed this course using the workflow that Skylum recommends. If you're looking for difficult post processing techniques, this isn't the course for you.

People who like spending a lot of time post processing

Luminar AI is all about getting great results - fast! You won't learn any arcane processing techniques that take a lot of time to implement

People who don't own Luminar AI

If you don't have Luminar AI, there's no need to pay for a course. HOWEVER, you can get this course for free if you buy Luminar AI using my link and coupon code. Details below!

People who don't like Artificial Intelligence

If you think you have to rely only upon the AI tools to do your thinking for you, then this isn't for you. I'll show how you can always take control and develop your photos as you see fit.

You'd rather scrub through YouTube videos for free

Sure, you can find a lot of great information on YouTube. I share a lot about Luminar AI there, too. HOWEVER, you probably won't find a curated set of courses like this one that you can easily reference or get feedback to your questions in a discussion group like the one that goes with this course.

Want this course for free?

If you purchase Luminar AI using my affiliate link, I'll give you this course for free. Details below.

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Send me a copy of your receipt to verify the purchase

Send a copy of your receipt to [email protected] Once I verify your purchase, I'll grant you access to Luminar AI Elements for free.

Luminar AI Elements

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I'm a Portrait photographer who teaches others how to take a portrait that tells a story. Check out my podcast "I Like Your Picture" and enjoy the blog.

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