Crystals Las Vegas

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Crystals Las Vegas

If you’ve ever been to Crystals Las Vegas retail shops in City Center, Las Vegas, you’re bound to have seen this large wooden centerpiece structure. If you’re like me, you’re also bound to have asked, “What the hell is that thing?”

I’m told it’s a treehouse that holds Maestro Ocean Club restaurant. That is the weirdest-looking tree I’ve ever seen in my life. Let’s say that it’s a treehouse, though. Why would anyone build a seafood restaurant, in a treehouse, in the desert? I love contrasts, but this one is a head-scratcher for me.

By all accounts that I’ve heard, the restaurant is wonderful. People love the food and the service, so I should probably go try it sometime. I’m just still trying to wrap my head around the triangle of Treehouse, Seafood & Desert.

It’s not like you can even play “One of these things doesn’t belong with the others,” because none of these things belong together.

The rest of Crystals Las Vegas makes it a bit of a quick stop for me. The shops inside are a bit over my head. I don’t have $100 Grand for a watch. My wardrobe is not by Louis Vuitton. In fact, I still have $10 gym shorts that I bought at Target ten years ago and they’re holding up just fine. Perhaps I am not the target market for Crystals Las Vegas.

The place seems rather sterile to me, though. Stark, off-white walls with no art or color. I guess that’s so you’re not distracted away from the shops. The problem for people like me, and I suspect the vast majority of Las Vegas visitors, is that I can’t afford a toothpick in those shops.

Maybe that’s why Crystals Las Vegas seems to be empty every time I visit the place.

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