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How to Buy the Best DSLR For Your Photography

The Best DSLR Choice You Can Make Is One That Serves Your Photography Needs

Thank you for listening to The Photo Flunky Show. We're glad you're here to give some thought about how to choose the best DSLR camera for your photography needs.

When you think about the “best DSLR”, it may sound like a big honking camera with all the bells and whistles, like the Canon EOS-1D X Mark II or the Nikon D5. Both are outstanding cameras fit for professional photographers in journalism, sports, commercial photography, weddings and more.

They're also expensive.

There are a great many professional photographers who not only need these cameras, they need multiple bodies. If your camera fails, you are no longer a photographer. Gotta have a backup.

Of course, that doesn't mean these are the “best DSLR” cameras available, because that depends upon your needs. Maybe you need a small, lightweight camera for travel or street photography. Those flagship DSLR cameras can be really heavy.

Maybe you don't need a DSLR camera with such high ISO sensitivity that it can practically see in the dark and produce photos with barely any noise. Portrait photographers generally use flash or strobes, so they can shoot at much lower ISO with better clarity. Travel and landscape photographers would rather spend their money on a good tripod so they can shoot at low ISO or for long exposures.

Why Pay for Features That Won't Provide a Benefit for You?

I mentioned on the podcast that I would include a link to the Amazon Best Seller DSLR list (updated hourly). If you take a look, you'll notice the top sellers are actually entry level to mid-range DSLR cameras. They do a wonderful job.

At the time I'm writing this notice, the Nikon D750 is number 10. That is an outstanding camera. I know amateurs and pros alike who love that Nikon. It's much less expensive than the Nikon D5, yet is versatile enough to do many of the tasks that it's big brother does at nearly one third of the price.

I don't know about you, but I could buy a nice lens or studio light rig for the price difference.

Lee and I cover some of the issues you should consider to pick the best DSLR for your photography. If you would like to add your own advice, please leave a note in the comments to help other readers.

Top 10 Overall Best Selling DSLR

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