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PF 059: How to Deal with Unexpected Requests for Photography

Unexpected Requests for Photography Services Can Be a Trap

How do you handle unexpected requests for photography services or sales?

Imagine this scenario. You're into photography because you love it and you're building a body of work. Taking time to improve your craft for the joy of it.

Then someone comes along and wants to give you money for your photography.

It's flattering. Then you start to think about it and it may become a bit of pressure. It's not like you were advertising your work for sale or offering services.

Worse, it's not enough to make a business out of your photography.

In this episode of The Photo Flunky Show, we talk about three scenarios that can come up with amateur photographers.

  • Small print sales
  • Photo usage rights
  • Photography services

Photographers Get Unexpected Requests All the Time

If you put your work online, people are going to notice. If you're work is good, someone will want it. That's not a bad thing at all. In fact, I've earned good money from buyers who are searching on Flickr for art.

You never know when you may have the right photo for someone's office.

The problem is knowing how to deal with the request. When should you say “yes” and when should you say “no?”

We'll discuss some of these issues and why I prefer not to take on client work, but also why it may be good for you if you do it properly.


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