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What is Luminar?

As a Mac user, I've enjoyed using Luminar for quite a while now. However, Luminar wasn't available for Windows users before now. Here's what Luminar is and how it can help you.

Luminar is a powerful photo editor with over 300 tools designed to handle multiple photo needs, from photo correction problems to artistic stylization. Users can customize their workspaces to match their image processing experience and move up to more complicated adjustments & filters when they're ready. Luminar works non-destructively and aims to take the “work” out of the photography workflow.

The public Beta includes the most important features of Luminar, but the final version due in late 2017 will include more features, such as:

  • Workspaces
  • Plugin Integration
  • Object Removal
  • Noise Reduction
  • Other features in development

Why Choose Luminar?

Today, we have plenty of choices for cameras and lenses. Yet we have only a handful of post-processing tools and they aren't keeping pace with the needs of users. Arcane and complicated post-processing tools require a substantial investment in time and training in order to use them. It shouldn't be that hard to learn and use your post-processing software.

Macphun created Luminar to address this problem using a scalable, adaptive user interface connected to a set of powerful tools to make photo processing easy, from beginners to experts.

  • New photographers who aren't familiar with post-processing tools can work with one-click presets to enhance their photos.
  • Casual photographers can still use the presets, but also start exploring the tools to customize their results.
  • Passionate enthusiasts and professionals have a plethora of editing tools like brushes, layers, edit history, and more advanced tools at their disposal.
  • Not a subscription. Once Luminar is on the market, you buy it for a low price and it's yours [Save money with my discount coupon code WBEEM]

One new filter in Luminar is the Accent AI Enhancer. It uses artificial intelligence to adapt the adjustments that your specific photo needs. Take a look at this Before & After screenshot to see an example.

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How Do the Luminar Filters Work?

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There are 40 filters in Luminar. You can see them in the workspace to the right of the photo. Just click the “+” key to see a list of filters, and select the one you want to add to the workspace. The image below shows an example of adding a filter.

Luminar for Windows Discount

You can see all of the filters at once, but there is a convenient set of Filter Categories to limit the options to the kind of filter you need. Each filter shows a description, and then a before/after preview so you can get an idea of what it will do for your photo.

Some filters have multiple sliders or options. Notice how the Tone filter in the screenshot above includes seven sliders to help set the tone of your photo. Others, like Clarity, have a single slider.

Filters can stack on top of each other on a single layer, or you can put filters on their own layer and then use a Layer Mask to reveal the effects of the filter where you want it, change the opacity, etc.

Create Your Own Workspaces in Luminar

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Workspaces in the final version Luminar for Windows are collections of filters that you use to process your photos. Depending upon the type of photo you're processing, some filters may be more applicable than others. You aren't limited to a single workspace. Collect the filters you want for Landscapes, Street Photography, Black & White, or Portraits and save your own workspaces. Instead of having to grab the same filters over and over, they'll be ready for you when you open a particular workspace.

In the example above, we have the filters and adjustments you'd want to use for Black & White photos. There are plenty of options to fine-tune the image and create just the look you need. Work in your own space.

Using Presets in Luminar

Luminar for Windows Discount

Luminar for Windows ships with several presets to help you correct or enhance your photos. You can also create your own presets, or discover photographers who share their presets.

Before you choose a preset, Luminar shows you a preview of how the preset will affect your photo. Just scroll through and find a one-click preset to fix an issue or add a style to your photos. It's quick and easy.

Luminar for Windows Discount

If you think a preset is just a bit too much, no worries. You can reduce the amount right in the preview before you apply it. Adjust presets to your own taste and sense of style. It's just that easy.

Luminar Masking

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As with any photo processing tool, it's important to know that you can make selective adjustments. That means you need tools to help you mask areas of your photo with the adjustments that appear or are hidden. Luminar has several masking options.

If you want to use a freehand approach, use the Brush in Luminar. You can see the selected tool on the right in Orange.

Luminar for Windows Discount

The Gradient Mask in Luminar is a useful tool for blending adjustments and images. It does more than simply add a darker gradient to the sky. It works as both a Layer Mask and a Filter mask, which means that you can use it to replace a sky or apply any filter adjustment to part of your image.

Luminar also includes a Radial Mask and a Luminosity Mask. Whatever shape or detail of mask you need, Luminar can provide it.

The masking brush works with tablets, like my Wacom Intuos5. It understands pen pressure, opacity, and radius when you use a compatible tablet.

Getting Started with Luminar for Windows

Luminar for Windows is a powerful tool. Here are the recommended system requirements from Macphun to make sure you get the performance you expect:

  • Windows 10
  • CPU: Core i5 2.2 or equal
  • RAM: 8 GB or more
  • GPU: 1 GB or more
  • SDD drive with 20 GB free space or more

Luminar is a RAW editor, so you can expect it to work on a number of file formats, including:

  • PNG
  • JPEG
  • TIFF 8-bit & 16-bit
  • GIF
  • Popular RAW formats including CR2, NEF, OR2, RAF, ERF, AWR, RW2, PEF, and more

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