Photography Information

Where Do You Get Your Photography Information?

Finding Photography Information Online and Offline Being a photographer means you always need to know something else. In this episode of The Photo Flunky Show, we’ll share some of our favorite ways to find out more information about photography. We’ll discuss options for education, tips, gear advice, reviews and more. You can find people in […]

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Intimate Portraits

An Educational Poll

We spend a lot of time learning new techniques to improve our photography. Today, I just want to share an educational poll to see how people like to learn. You don’t need to share your name or any private information. I’m toying with some ideas to develop more educational materials, so I want to understand […]

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Photographers: Know Your Gear

How many times have you heard someone tel you that you have to know your gear? Too many. It’s almost cliché.  How do you know when you know your gear? The Aha Moment The problem with truly getting to know your gear is that there can be so much of it. It’s not just a matter […]

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