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Discover the Art of Photography

Discover the Art of Photography with Trey Ratcliff

Discover the Art of PhotographyAre you satisfied with your photos?  If not, then take a look at the latest course from Trey Ratcliff – Discover the Art of Photography. One of the areas of photography training that I think is very under-represented is for beginning enthusiasts. Photography isn’t hard, but you need a solid foundation to build upon as you add more techniques.  That’s the reason that I wrote What Every Photographer Should Know.

Now Trey has a four week video training course to dive into that foundation and help you get the most from your photography. If you just bought a new digital camera, or you’re still struggling to understand it, then Discover the Art of Photography is the kind of foundation course you need.

Here’s a quick look at the schedule:

Webinar Schedule:

Episode 1: Getting Started (July 31, 7pm PT)
Episode 2: Photo Composition (Aug 1, 7pm PT)
Episode 3: Finding Your Own Style (Aug 2, 7pm PT)
Episode 4: Photo Editing (Aug 3, 7pm PT)

Trey’s Bonus Offers

If you register for this series of live webinars you will also receive:

  • Live Q&A session with Trey Ratcliff at the end of each episode
  • Downloadable copy of the Discover the Art of Photography video tutorial
  • 10 Principles of Beautiful Photography eBook by Trey Ratcliff
  • Composing the Photo eBook by Trey Ratcliff
  • 20% discount on all StuckInCustoms tutorials and eBooks at Flatbooks
  • Access to private Clubhouse forums

There are discounts if you register with a friend, not to mention the opportunity to win some cool prizes – like your choice of a Sony NEX-7, Nikon D7000 or Canon 60D.  All you have to do is register for the live seminar of Discover the Art of Photography. You’re definitely going to learn how to improve your photography and get some extra content, not to mention the chance to win some very cool prizes.

The Battle of the Sexes [pinit]

Discover the Art of Photography

The Battle of the Sexes – © Copyright 2012 by William Beem

Just because there is a battle of the sexes doesn’t mean you’ll have a chance of winning. No matter, sometimes the competition is its own reward.

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