How To Fix The Adobe Creative Cloud Login Error

I’m going to show you how to fix the Adobe Creative Cloud login error that plagued me last week. Here’s hoping you don’t lose several days of access to your Creative Cloud account, as I did.

Adobe Creative CloudAdobe Creative Cloud Lockout

This is one of those fears that many people had about using a software subscription. What happens if you get locked out of your account? We had many assurances that it wouldn’t happen that way. The Creative Cloud only needs to use the Internet about once a month to check your account, but it will continue to work because it’s downloaded on your system. No need to panic.

I was completely unable to use any application in my Creative Cloud account. While working on my post for last Friday, I tried to process some images in Photoshop. Couldn’t do it.

Photoshop CC prompted me to login. That was different from my usual experience. When I entered my email address and password, I received a rather plain message from the Adobe Application Manager, looking like this:

How To Fix Adobe Creative Cloud Login Error

Once this appeared, there was no way to quit the Adobe Application Manager. All I had was a window with a simple Error and a useless message:

There was an error with this action. Try again later.

Not very helpful.

I tried again later and received the same error message. That was on Thursday night while I was working on a deadline to get my post online. Adobe Creative Cloud was useless and I didn’t have time to mess with it. Fortunately, I kept Photoshop CS6 on my system and I continued my work using that version of the program.

Days later over the weekend, I still received the same message. So much for “Try again later.”

Imagine yourself in this position. You’re working under a time constraint and Photoshop decides that it’s not going to authenticate your account to use the program. The Creative Cloud application wouldn’t even give me a prompt to login or logout.  When I checked my credentials at the Adobe Creative Cloud site, they worked fine.

Clearly, it wasn’t my account that was rejected by Adobe.

Trying To Find Adobe Contact Info For Support

I searched on this error message at Adobe’s site, but found nothing helpful.  I looked for contact information for support. Adobe doesn’t make it easy to find contact information.

If you login to the Creative Cloud site, there is no mention of Help or Support. If you go to, there is a small mention of Support and Learning at the footer. You’ll see an icon for Creative Cloud right away, but don’t click it if you actually want to find someone to help you.  Instead, look below to the Contact Us icon on the next row.

From there, you have to select the type of product that needs you help, then the type of problem you have with that product. You still don’t get any contact information. Adobe doesn’t want to talk to you at all.

Finally, you can tell the site that none of those options help you and then it will reveal some contact options.  Seriously, you click Contact Us and you have to jump through a bunch of hoops before Adobe will show you any actual contact information.  That’s very lame and deceptive. Creative Cloud members are paying customers who deserve support, not a run-around.

Even getting the phone number for support requires an extra click. They want you to use the knowledge base articles. Failing that, use the community forum. Failing that, use chat. Finally, they show you how to call someone at Adobe. That works Monday through Friday, so I was stuck with Chat support over the weekend when I had time (and patience) to deal with this problem.

I truly hate chat support. In fact, it disconnected on me just as the support rep was going to provide an answer. That was my fault, as I hit the wrong button and my browser went back a page. There was no way to re-establish the session, so I had to start all over.

Another 45 minutes of going through the Chat initiation, waiting for my turn to get an agent. convincing that agent that another group had to provide support, waiting for that group, explaining my problem again, and finally getting a resolution. Since Chat is slower than speaking on the phone, you can now imagine why that process takes 45 minutes – and I did it twice because I hit the wrong damn key.

How To Fix the Adobe Creative Cloud Login Error

If there is any good news about this process, it’s that the resolution is simple. You just need to delete a file. It apparently got corrupted and was never, ever going to let me authenticate my Adobe Creative Cloud account on my computer.

Here’s how to fix the Adobe Creative Cloud login error.

  • Close Photoshop and the Adobe Application Manager window.  I had to Force Quit the application manager.
  • Click the Gear icon on the Creative Cloud Desktop application and select the Quit option.
  • Navigate to the ~/Library folder. If you don’t see this under the Go menu on a Finder window, hold down the Option key and it will appear.
  • Navigate to Application Support -> Adobe
  • Find the OOBE folder and open it.
  • Find the opm.db file and drag it to the Trash.
  • Launch the Creative Cloud Desktop application and login.

You should be back in service now with everything working.

I’m writing this with the hope that some of you who are searching Google, as I did, will find it and resolve your problem without needing to contact Adobe. Clearly, they don’t want to be bothered with actually helping their users or it wouldn’t be so damn hard to get in touch with them.

If this fixes your problem, let me know in the comments. If not, leave a comment about that, too. Perhaps your problem is slightly different, so your input may help someone else resolve their issue.

Finally, make sure you hang on to your older copy of Photoshop or other Creative Suite applications.  You never know what you may need if the Creative Cloud doesn’t want to play when you’re on a deadline.