Origin of The Photo Flunky Show

PF 075: The Origin of The Photo Flunky Show

The Origin of The Photo Flunky Show is How We Got Started in Photography

Now that we hit 75 episodes, I realized that we never discussed the origin of The Photo Flunky Show. We wanted to provide some background on our journey with photography. How we got started and why it matters to us.

Most importantly, we want to share what photography means to us and what we've learned along the way.

Lee and I have very different approaches to photography.

She's very focused upon her end result and driven by the purpose for her photos. If the photos don't serve her purpose, she's ruthless about ditching them. After all, what value is a photo that just takes up space and doesn't serve a purpose?

My approach is somewhat different. I shoot for subjects that may have a purpose sometime in the future. Every once in a while I have a specific need and I'll shoot for a purpose. Much of my photography is for the entertainment of the process. I simply like photography and being able to create something.

What Drives a Photographer?

We all have our origin story. What motivates you to be a photographer? Is it the desire to preserve memories? Is it because it's a creative outlet where you can make your own rules? Lee has an art background, but I don't. I had to learn the hard way, through trial and error. I'm also fortunate that I found good instructors at workshops and online.

We've both explored many genres of photography and found our place. Now that we're both quite comfortable, we've also found that it's rewarding to share the things we've learned.

That's the origin of The Photo Flunky Show and also this web site. Between the articles, the podcast, and now video tutorials, we want to share what we can in hopes that it will help you reach your comfortable place with photography.

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