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PF 066: Why Are Photography Forums So Mean to Visitors?

Photography Forums Can Do Better for Their Guests

This episode about photography forums is a bit of a rant, but one that's well deserved. We wonder why some (not all) photography forums are so mean and disrespectful to some of their guests.

There are good people on every photography forum I've ever visited, but it seems that some let a few people ruin the experience. Either the administrators are disrespectful to some, or they allow other members to get away with rude behavior.

It forms a kind of group think for those who want to continue their view on things without ever exploring new ideas.

The Threat of New Ideas

Lee speculates that these folks are rude because they feel threatened. Perhaps there is a worry about no longer being the top dog on a forum, or maybe they are just anhedonic.

We've encountered some administrators on photography forums who don't seem to have any of their own photos to show, yet maintain a superior attitude among others on the forum.

We've also found some folks who are like the Teacher's Pet on a forum. They have an ability to attack without regard to posted rules, always knowing they're protected by an administrator.

It Doesn't Have to Be This Way

I'm very skeptical about joining another photography forum these days, but I found a few good places that are worth mentioning.

The KelbyOne forum is new, but it seems to have a good handle on things. The discussions are friendly and informative.

Maybe there are some other great, friendly photography forums on the Internet. If you'd like to recommend a site, please let us know in the comments.


We discussed two sites, Nikonites and Nikonians. I apparently got them confused, but Lee had good experiences on the Nikonites forum. The Nikonians is not a site we recommend.

The Digital Photography School forums were good, but have since closed down. It's still a great resource for photography information.


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