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PF 067: Portrait Photography Resources in One Place for You

I'm Creating Portrait Photography Resources for You

Thank you for listening to this episode of The Photo Flunky Show.

I'm creating some portrait photography resources on the web site. We're discussing why I'm taking on an ambitious project like this one, how it will unfold, and what I hope happens as a result.

Quite simply, I realized that I couldn't find a resource that acted as a gateway to specific articles on portrait photography. Something that ties all the concepts together is important so we understand these ideas, techniques and recipes in context with one another.

As part of the discussion, Lee and I talk about some of the non-technical elements that make up a portrait photography session, and why they're important.

My portrait photography resources will certainly include a lot of technical concepts and resources, but there's much more to portrait photography than technicalities.

We get into concepts like how to choose a model and make the person feel comfortable on the set. Another thing we discuss is the joy that a portrait can bring to someone when it's done well.

For those reasons and more, I thought it was important to create a resource for portrait photographers. The article below just scratches the surface. It will be a work in progress, supported by specific articles to dive deeper into the topics mentioned inside.

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