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I’m just posting random musings today. I don’t know if it will work, but I’m not afraid to try something to see if it works.

My Random Musings in No Particular Order

Let’s face it. If there were any order to this stuff, it wouldn’t be random.

1: A Brief Foray to Photoshop World 2013

As I was working fairly close to the Orange County Convention Center today, I managed to swing by on my lunch our to check out the Expo. Can’t say that I gave it a complete or fair walkthrough, but I accomplished what I had in mind.

  • Visited the Really Right Stuff booth to check out their ultra-small TQC-14 tripod and get some advice on gear for panoramas. These folks are always nice and know their products well. Much to my surprise, they always recognize me, too. I’ll let you know more about the panos once I place my order and start trying it out.
  • Bought some 32 GB Hoodman RAW CF cards. These aren’t the cheapest cards on the market, but I’ve found them to be very reliable. Since they have really good discounts on the show floor, it was worth the $15 parking fee to grab a pair of 32 GB cards.
  • Got to see some friends. One of the best parts of Photoshop World are the friends you make and it’s always good to see them. I only wish I had more time to spend other than to pop in & out so quickly. It was good to see Robert Vanelli, Alan Hess, Scott Diussa, Eric Johnson, Mark Astman, John & Susan Francis, & Brad Moore.

2: Bright House is Killing Me

Bright House is my ISP and I’ve had really poor performance lately. I’m supposed to have either 20 or 30GB download speed. I say 20 or 30 because it depends who answers the phone as to which level of service I’m entitled to get. I pay the same as they advertise for 30MBps customers, but I seem to be grandfathered in at the slower 20MBps speed.

I’d be happy to get that much performance right now, but I’m lucky to get 8MBps. They sent someone out on Friday who was unprepared to fix it, but he diagnosed the problem and said they would send someone out Monday to fix it. A guy came out Monday and replaced something in my attic and told me I still had low frequency on the line buried under my driveway, but someone else was coming that night to fix it.

Someone else never came. I called up Bright House and they swore someone else was coming on Tuesday. Someone else didn’t come out. The same thing repeated on Wednesday. They absolutely, positively promised me someone else was coming out. Didn’t happen. On Thursday, they promised me someone else came out while I was away. My performance hasn’t changed and there’s absolutely no evidence of digging or a bore under my driveway, but Bright House closed the ticket and didn’t tell me.

Now someone else is coming out Sunday morning to do what I’ve been waiting on anyone else to do for a week. In the meantime, I can’t really watch any streaming video, and downloads seem like they were faster on my old 64 Bps modem back in the 80s. Bright House likes to advertise itself as your “friend”, but I don’t think friends lie to you and give up without fixing anything.

3: I Wrote About Lightroom 5 Beta

To be honest, I hope that Adobe puts a lot more into the final Lightroom 5 product because I’m not impressed that the features in Lightroom 5 Beta are truly worth a major update.

Random Musings in Bronze

As long as we’re keeping things random, or seemingly so, I thought it was a good time to share another view of the Caloosahatchee Manuscripts. If you can make sense of these letters, let me know.

Random Musings

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