10 Ideas for Photographers Stuck at Home

It sucks when you're stuck at home. For most photographers, it sucks even more because we need to get out to see interesting locations, collaborate with others, and even help people capture their important memories.

There are times when you just can't get out of the house, though. So what are you going to do?

We have a few ideas of how you can spend your time stuck at home.

10 Ideas for Photographers Stuck at Home

Just because you can't get out of the house doesn't mean that your photography is at an end. Check out our list of potential ways to engage or improve your photography below.

Review and Organize Your Archives

I posted a question on my Facebook Page what photographers were doing while things are shut down. Alan Hess responded with a great idea to review and work on your archives.

Remember all those times when you said you need to get around to organizing your photos or processing some older images? Being stuck at home is a good time to work on those archives

Order Prints for Home

There are a lot of photographers who never get around to printing and displaying their own work. I'm sad to say that I used to be one of them, where Lee always had family photos and portraits on her walls.

We started hanging up some of our work an I have to say, I like it! I had a few photos in my home office, but now we're printing things and hanging our photos around the house.

If you're going to take some time to go through your archives, maybe you want to spend some time on deciding which photos would make great prints to hang at home.

Learn Something with Online Training

Being stuck at home is a great time to learn more about your photography and post processing. My go-to resource for photography training is KelbyOne (link below). 

You can find a lot of resources by individual photographers and trainers. Matt  Kloskowski (formerly of KelbyOne), Serge Ramelli, and others provide great training courses for you.

Attend a Free Webinar

Speaking of Matt Kloskowski, he's providing free webinars for photographers during the great COVID-19 lockdown. Check out his site (link below) for some free training, and he's also offering 50% discounts on his courses.

Check out Photographers on YouTube

YouTube is a bit of hit and miss for photography training. I think it's great for individual topics, but it's not as organized or curated as a course.

However, sometimes you need something other than a technical tutorial. Zack Arias is back on YouTube and providing some wonderful insight that helps you as a photographer and creative person, rather than just doing yet another how-to video.

Check out his channel in the links below.

Setup a Home Studio for Family Portraits

When you're stuck at home with friends or family, photographers have the power to use their skills to help everyone have a good time. People enjoy goofing off in front of a camera, dressing up as characters, or even just making faces.

Yes, you can work on your fine art skills while you're stuck at home. It depends upon how you relate to your family and friends. Maybe you can get the kids into a unique story, or just let them burn off some energy as you capture the fun.

Don't forget about your pets, too!

I have a link to my article on setting up  home studio in the resources below.

Practice New Techniques

How well versed are you in using flash? Have any new equipment that you need to test? Being stuck at home is a perfect time to break out your gear and do something new or interesting.

If you've ever thought about using gels on your lights, try aiming them at walls with different colors. Change the flash power or flash distance to see how it looks.

This is a great time to explore your photography so you have new skills when you get out of the house.

Sell Old Gear on eBay or other Markets

If you've been in photography for a while, it's likely you have gear that you no longer need or use. Why not make a few bucks and sell it on eBay or some other online market?

In my case, I have a few Elinchrom BRXi 500 lights that I don't use. Nothing wrong with them, and I loved those lights. However, they need to plug into electricity and I've moved on to the Adorama Flashpoint (Godox) brand because they're battery powered.

Someone getting started and stuck at home would probably love to get my Elinchrom lights at a decent price.

Maybe this is a good time to do some shopping if you need discount gear.

Clean Up That Mess Where You Store Your Gear

Speaking of old gear, this is a good time to clean up that mess. If you're an organized photographer who has everything in its place, I envy you.

Unfortunately, I'm one of those people who starts to collect my gear for a photo session and then storms around cursing because I can't find this piece or that.

Being stuck at home is a good time to get organized and clear out the clutter.

Deliver Those Old Photos You Promised a Long Time Ago

When I have a client or model, I'm pretty good about delivering photos in a timely manner. That doesn't seem to be the case for family photos, though.

Do you have some older photos that you promised to share, but never got around to developing or delivering? If you're like me, this is a good time to make good on those old commitments.

Time Stamps

2:43 – Work on your archives and get organized

6:10 – Order prints for your home

7:55 – Take an online course

11:40 – Take a free webinar from Matt Kloskowski

12:10 – Watch other photographers on YouTube, like Zack Arias

12:32 – Set up a home studio for family portraits

12:50 – Practice new photography techniques or work with lighting

14:20 – Sell old gear on eBay

14:57 – Clean up and organize your photography gear

15:56 – Deliver those photos you promised a long time ago

Resources Mentioned

SPONSOR – CanvasDisount.com

KelbyOne Annual – Save 10% using Code WBEEM10

KelbyOne Monthly – Save 10% using Code WBEEM10M

Free Webinars from Matt Kloskowski 

Zack Arias YouTube Channel

Home Studio Setup for Portrait Photography

Lightroom Develop Workflow Checklist

Ideas for Photographers Stuck at Home

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