Tatiana Paris

What Every Photographer Should Know

What Every Photographer Should KnowCreate Photos that Make You Proud

I'm happy to announce another ebook on Suburbia Press – What Every Photographer Should Know.

How wonderful would you feel if you knew you could always count on making a great photo? Why is it that some people seem to “get” photography and others struggle with it? What do they know that allows them to get such great shots on a consistent basis?

What Every Photographer Should Know gives you the fundamentals to understand exposure, lens selection and light to make the brilliant images you've always wanted. You'll understand how to work a scene to get the composition you want. The secret of making great photos begins with What Every Photographer Should Know.

Tatiana [pinit]

I thought I'd share another shot from the pool hall.  Tatiana has a wonderful face with sculpted, angular features that I wanted to reveal.  The profile seemed to bring out her features.  Stopping down a bit to let the light fall off not only eliminated the cluttered background, but it also shaped those features in the photo. My Nikon SB-900 was screaming in agony to put out enough light to make the falloff worked, but that's OK.  Let it scream.

Tatiana Paris
Tatiana – © Copyright 2012 by William Beem

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