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How To Improve Color In Lightroom

Lightroom Camera Calibration

Everyone wants to make their photos pop. You can find a ton of tutorials showing how to manipulate sliders in Lightroom or use plugins, but there is a simple tool that I don’t see mentioned very often. If you want to know how to improve color in Lightroom, you need to start with with your […]

Culling Photos in Lightroom

Culling Photos in Lightroom

After migrating some of my Aperture libraries into Lightroom this weekend, I had a chance to look at some old photos I haven’t seen in a while.  My God, they suck. It looks like I’m going to spend some time culling photos in Lightroom.

The Evolution of an Image

The Evolution of an Image

I thought I’d show the evolution of an image today. Everything from the initial capture to my post-processing workflow to complete it. The image itself is just a snapshot, but it was a good subject for this kind of discussion. That’s because we see things differently than our cameras. Those devices simply cannot compete with […]

Saying Goodbye To Aperture And Hello To Lightroom

Most of you know about Apple’s announcement late last week.  There won’t be any future development of Aperture for new features. That’s why I’m saying goodbye to Aperture and hello to Lightroom.

My Free 12-Month Adobe Creative Cloud Account That Still Cost Me Money Every Month

Free 12-Month Adobe Creative Cloud Account

How would you like to get a free 12-month Adobe Creative Cloud account? I was happy at the thought, but now I’m just frustrated that it was an empty offer because I was already a paying customer.

Adobe Creative Cloud Went Out Of Service

Some of us couldn’t use Photoshop or other Adobe tools for part of this week. Why? Because Creative Cloud went out of service for more than 24 hours.