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Surfing With Crush

Walt Disney World is full of murals of one kind or another. Even though I've not yet seen Finding Nemo, I'm partial to this one in Epcot that has you surfing with Crush on the EAC. … [Read more]

Be My Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day, world. For me, it's also a¬†remembrance of my father's birthday. … [Read more]

Big Bertha And The State Of Photography

I watched an episode of The Grid with Scott Kelby and Matt Kloskowski a couple of weeks ago discussing the state of photography today. Their summary, not good. In some ways they're right, but I think they're also wrong. Here's my take on things. … [Read more]

Using The Photo Stylizer Filter In The Nik Collection

I use the Nik Collection almost by default when processing photos. At least, I use part of it. Over and over, I use the same filters. It turns out that some of the filters in the Nik Collection that I've ignored are just as useful, if you have the … [Read more]

Don’t Follow The Money, Lead It

Since 1976, we've been told to "follow the money." For Watergate investigators, it's good advice. For photographers who need to earn clients, there's a better way. … [Read more]

I’m Sending Back My Nikon D800

I never expected to love this camera as much as I do, but I'm sending back my Nikon D800 and it kills me. … [Read more]