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Don’t Follow The Money, Lead It

Since 1976, we've been told to "follow the money." For Watergate investigators, it's good advice. For photographers who need to earn clients, there's a better way. … [Read more]

I’m Sending Back My Nikon D800

I never expected to love this camera as much as I do, but I'm sending back my Nikon D800 and it kills me. … [Read more]

What Can You Do With A White Seamless Background?

Why does every photography studio have an area of white seamless background? The reason is pretty simple. A white seamless background is an industry standard because it's so versatile. It's a neutral background for colors, making it an ideal choice … [Read more]

Photos From A Charity Studio Shootout

I spent my Sunday at Studio One in Orlando creating photos from a charity studio shootout. Plenty of wonderful models, lots of fellow photographers, all of the proceeds went to benefit the Make a Wish foundation.  … [Read more]

My Photoshoot with Jedi Master Shaak Ti

It's been a while since I've done any table-top photography. I decided to get back into it with a recent acquisition of mine - a Sideshow Collectibles premium format state of Jedi Master Shaak Ti. … [Read more]

Using A Grey Card For White Balance Makes Life Easier

Save time. Save frustration. Save lives. Use a grey card for white balance.  This inexpensive little prop can truly pay off when you get to post processing. … [Read more]