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Photos From A Charity Studio Shootout

I spent my Sunday at Studio One in Orlando creating photos from a charity studio shootout. Plenty of wonderful models, lots of fellow photographers, all of the proceeds went to benefit the Make a Wish foundation.  … [Read more]

My Photoshoot with Jedi Master Shaak Ti

It's been a while since I've done any table-top photography. I decided to get back into it with a recent acquisition of mine - a Sideshow Collectibles premium format state of Jedi Master Shaak Ti. … [Read more]

Using A Grey Card For White Balance Makes Life Easier

Save time. Save frustration. Save lives. Use a grey card for white balance.  This inexpensive little prop can truly pay off when you get to post processing. … [Read more]

Window Light Portraits

Window light portraits have so many advantages for photographers. It's cheap, it's easy, and you can have some beautiful light without much effort. You just have to decide which window works best for your photo. … [Read more]

Jade Mountain HDR Panorama

I spent time over the weekend processing my Jade Mountain HDR panorama and it reminded me of something I said about the workshop Joe McNally hosted in St. Lucia.  It's a good place to fail. This was my first time trying to process HDR panorama … [Read more]

Here Is The One Thing That Can Boost Your Photography Business

There is one thing you can do to boost your photography business. It's easier than you think, but it can make a huge difference. The Conversation That Brought Up This Subject A couple of weeks ago, my friend Kevin Graham asked me for a favor. He … [Read more]