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The Havana Malecon

I'm told it's the world's longest public bench, the Havana Malecon. It's a seawall that runs about five miles, providing a gathering place for families, fishermen, lovers, and Cubans who just want to hang out. … [Read more]

WP Engine Web Hosting Shut Down My Site To Keep It Up

If you're wondering why my site was offline for nearly a week, it's because WP Engine web hosting shut down my site to keep it up. With help like this, who needs attackers on my web site? … [Read more]

You Must Suffer For Your Art

Every once in a while, I'll read a post on social media from a photographer friend who is just having a miserable time. My reply is usually "You must suffer for your art." I know I have, even when my art sucks. … [Read more]

Joe McNally Lastolite Products

I noticed some new videos for Joe McNally Lastolite products this weekend. Have you ever wondered why someone would buy an endorsed line of a product instead of getting the regular version? It turns out there's actually a good reason if you pay … [Read more]

When Should You File A Copyright Infringement Lawsuit?

I filed a copyright infringement lawsuit a while ago. Although I ultimately prevailed and received a settlement, the experience left a bad taste in my mouth. Now I found a friend of mine in the unenviable position of a copyright infringement and … [Read more]

Why You Need Travel Insurance

Travel photography is a joy when everything works. I'm fortunate. Most of the time, my trips have little more than a minor disruption and I never considered why you need travel insurance. Now I'm glad I bought it for my next trip. … [Read more]