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Why You Need Travel Insurance

Travel photography is a joy when everything works. I'm fortunate. Most of the time, my trips have little more than a minor disruption and I never considered why you need travel insurance. Now I'm glad I bought it for my next trip. … [Read more]

How To Plan Your Travel Photography Gear

Deciding how to pack your travel photography gear is always a compromise. There's no "one size fits all" answer, but there are a few key points to consider as you make your travel plans. Why is it such an issue? Getting it wrong can screw up your … [Read more]

Travel Photography Research

Thinking of taking a trip? A little travel photography research can go a long way to help you make sure that you come home with a few great images. Here's how I do it. … [Read more]

Three Random Tips And One Irrelevant Photo

Life threw me a curve ball this week, so this post is just three random tips and one irrelevant photo. That's what happens when you planned for something that takes more time than you have at the moment. … [Read more]

Surfing With Crush

Walt Disney World is full of murals of one kind or another. Even though I've not yet seen Finding Nemo, I'm partial to this one in Epcot that has you surfing with Crush on the EAC. … [Read more]

Be My Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day, world. For me, it's also a¬†remembrance of my father's birthday. … [Read more]