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First Look At The 2013 MacBook Pro

I just received the 2013 MacBook Pro on Monday. Is it everything you dream about, or just a mild spec bump? … [Read more]

Why Creativity Is Ruining Your Photography And How To Fight It

Creativity is ruining your photography and you may not even know it. I'll tell you why creativity is a meaningless buzzword and show you what you should be thinking about when you make your next photograph. … [Read more]

What Everybody Ought To Know About Blogging

There are millions of blogs on the Internet, most of them languishing without much attention. That's because most of their creators never learned what everybody ought to know about blogging. … [Read more]

Agonizing Over Aperture Upgrade

If you blinked during Apple's presentation yesterday, you could have missed it. There was a brief mention of an Aperture upgrade. Then there was nothing except the cries of many thousands of Aperture supporters. … [Read more]

Dealing With Disappointment

Despite the best plans, sometimes the subject you want to photograph just isn't going to happen when you're there. Dealing with disappointment is just a part of the process. You Can't Always Get What You Want This is my own Great White Buffalo. If … [Read more]

Putting A New Spin On An Old Subject

I know. You're seeing the same thing, again. That's because I like to go back to places and things that I've already shot -putting a new spin on an old subject. … [Read more]