Happy Thanksgiving 2016

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Have a Happy Thanksgiving 2016

Thank you for listening to The Photo Flunky Show. That’s something I usually say on every episode and I mean it. Without you, a show is absolutely meaningless.

Lee and I want to take this opportunity just to tell you how much we appreciate you for listening to our show, giving us feedback and asking questions.

This is a small business for us, but being able to connect with people does something a bit beyond commerce. We get to hear your stories, see your photos and smile when we’re able to provide some assistance. We’re deeply touched by some of the people who’ve shared their stories with us.

I love photography and it means a great deal to me. There’s a little thrill that comes when you know it’s time to go take some photos. Having this web site and podcast has allowed me to find that joy in others, too.

My Favorite Holiday

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. It’s all about appreciating the people around you and spending time with those you love.

So thank you. Whether you’ve reached out to us or not, we appreciate you for spending some time with us.

We’re off to have a wonderful Thanksgiving with family tomorrow. I hope you can do the same with the people you love. Again, Happy Thanksgiving 2016 and we look forward to serving you in the future.

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Hi, welcome to the Photo Flunky Show, Episode number fifty-two.


This is going to be our Thanksgiving show for 2016 so sit back, relax and prepare for a crap load of thanks!


William:     Hi, welcome to the Photo Flunky Show. My name is William Beem.


Lee:         Hi, my name is Lee Beem.


William:   I just want to tell you: thank you very much for listening to the Photo Flunky Show. We have been doing this since February and we are really enjoying it. We are having a good time with it. I hope you are too.  But we wouldn’t be able to continue on if people weren’t listening, so that’s you!  Thank you very much. We appreciate you!


Lee:         Absolutely! And to those who have reached out or responded or sent us comments, suggestions and feedback. It’s been absolutely wonderful hearing from you and being able to interact and engage with you.


William:   And like always we do this with every show. If you would like a transcript of this show, it’s going to be available williambeem.com/episode52.  And we found out a couple of things. Not everybody is going to download it, but there are people who have downloaded it who have written back to us saying, “Thank you very much for this,” because it’s a resource that they can use later on.


For some people, we had one gentleman who said he has a hard time hearing the podcast but he likes reading what we said.


Lee:         Along with it, yes.


William:   So that way everybody gets to participate and that really kind of touched us. We were really very thankful and grateful. There have been times when we have thought maybe we don’t really need to do a transcript out there.


Lee:         Yeah, it takes time to type it up, but honestly just for one person – that’s what we were just saying earlier on – for me, that is worth it.


William:   We really appreciate that feedback and we are going to continue on doing the transcript, and it’s because we appreciate the fact that someone is interested enough in what we have to say that they will take the time to either listen to the show or download it to read along with it. That just kind of really touched us and we’ve had wonderful feedback from everybody that has reached out to us. We have had some wonderful suggestions. Every time I’ve asked for something at least somebody has come out and given some thoughts; usually more than one person.  It just kind of gives you a different perspective. Instead of just being here sitting at a desk talking, that there are people paying attention and reaching back and giving feedback. It is really a nice feeling.


Lee:         It helps us a lot as well, because sometimes, you know, you kind of sit and get almost the equivalent of writers block where you sit and think where should we go, because we are not sure what people want.  If somebody has reached out or got back with a suggestion or a question and it helps give us a new direction of focus for a while.


William:   It does, but also it just kind of makes you feel good.


Lee:         It really does.


William:   So that’s why we are really thankful and this show is going to be very short, but it’s mostly us saying we appreciate you and we really do love it when you give us some feedback and comments and you can do that. If you want to reach out at williambeem.com/episode52  and tell us something on this show or maybe some of the others. Or if you want to write me directly those people who subscribe to the email digest – I send something out every Sunday – usually I get some responses back because it comes back directly to me. It’s not like a no-reply address. It goes to [email protected] and that is my email address.


Lee:         Yes.


William:   So if you want to reach out, I would really love to hear that. Now that I’ve said a crap load of thank you, this is our Thanksgiving show so that means that we don’t have turkey yet, because this is coming out the day before Thanksgiving.  But for us it’s going to be a really simple thing.


My mother, who swears every year that she is not going to do another Thanksgiving, then comes up at the beginning of it and says, “Ya’ll coming over for Thanksgiving now, right?”


Lee:         Oh she is just wonderful! I have the best mother-in-law ever! You just couldn’t do any better. I am actually really thankful for my family – my American family – I’m lost for words. It is just beyond anything I could have hoped for.


William:   I’m glad to hear that. And we have a wonderful time when we go over there. My whole life Thanksgiving has only been in one place. It has been at the house where I grew up. My father has since passed on, but Mom keeps on with the tradition and my brother and I both go over there with our families now. And it’s just … that’s our tradition and it’s just kind of nice. I don’t know how else to say it, but it’s just kind of one of those comfortable things. You go over and you eat too much and you sit back in a reclining chair and think, “Oh God!”


Lee:         You know, when Thanksgiving and Christmas happen the way that it’s always happened through your life, everything else is well with the world. It’s like these little anchors that kind of keep everything else stable for the rest of the year, because you know there is one thing you can count on.


William:   I guess that’s why they call it comfort food. I go over there and get comfortable. I used to just go over there in a T shirt and sweat pants and say, “OK I’m ready to eat.”


Lee:         But the family time is great.


William:   And also this time of year I usually take the last couple of weeks off in the year from blogging. I think the podcast will probably keep on going, but I take the last couple of weeks for the year, no work, no blogging and I kind of rethink what I’m going to be doing for the rest of the year as far as it relates to both the photography blog and now the podcast. So we would really like your feedback as well. let us know what kind of information you’re looking for, what kind of shows you’re looking for.  We’ve kind of run the gamut of everything from technical stuff to creative stuff and maybe a little bit of Lightroom and post processing and some of the tools that we use.


But honestly there is so much more to photography. I am really getting interested in time lapse and video and kind of planning some of the things that I’ll do.


But we would like your feedback. What would you like to hear? And let us know and then we can incorporate that into the podcast and also the website.


Lee:         We will and we will put your suggestions on our calendar as well so that we make sure we get back to you.


William:   That’s really all we’ve got to say this time. For Thanksgiving, those of you in the US that are enjoying it, Happy Thanksgiving!  If you are getting ready for Christmas, well we are going to be right there with you for that too.


Alright, just a reminder, the transcript is going to be available at williambeem.com/episode52.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Get ready for your Christmas or holidays and we’ll see you again here next week. We really appreciate you.  Thank you!


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