The Digital Photography Book

Book Review- The Digital Photography Book

The Digital Photography Book by Scott Kelby is the world’s best selling book on digital photography. It began a series of similar books to follow that teach photography concepts and techniques in a simple and easy to understand method. Scott’s premise is to avoid a lot of the technical jargon and explain how to do […]

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The Flash Book

Book Review: The Flash Book

The Flash Book by Scott Kelby starts off with a premise. You’re not going to learn everything about flash photography in this book (though it covers quite a bit). The intent here is to teach you a pretty simple system to get you up and running with your small flash. You won’t need a light […]

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The Moment it Clicks

Book Review: The Moment it Clicks by Joe McNally

The Moment it Clicks by Joe McNally isn’t a tutorial, though it has plenty of hard-won lessons and information to help. It isn’t a picture book, though it’s filled with outstanding images from front to back. There are tons of photography books about technical issues. Then there are those that are simply picture books where […]

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UPstrap Review

Why I Bought the UPstrap Camera Strap

You Should Read This UPstrap Review Even if You Don’t Need a New Camera Strap My UPstrap review came out of a combination of personal experience and information from other photographers and Nikon camera reps. Usually people look at a product review to find something to alleviate a problem or pain they’re experiencing. What if […]

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