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Window Light Portraits in Cuba

Window Light

Many photographers have long known about the beautiful quality of window light. It works on anything from food to portraits. I’ve never really embraced window light portraits in the past, so it was good to have an opportunity to explore in Cuba.

Beautiful Light From A Bedsheet

Beautiful Light From A Bedsheet

Everyone talks about beautiful light, but hardly anyone does anything about it. People talk about strobes that can overpower the sun, and that can be cool. Expensive, but cool. Sometimes you can get a cool result without a lot of expense.

Joe McNally Lastolite Products

I noticed some new videos for Joe McNally Lastolite products this weekend. Have you ever wondered why someone would buy an endorsed line of a product instead of getting the regular version? It turns out there’s actually a good reason if you pay attention to the details.

When Should You File A Copyright Infringement Lawsuit?

Copyright Infringement Lawsuit?

I filed a copyright infringement lawsuit a while ago. Although I ultimately prevailed and received a settlement, the experience left a bad taste in my mouth. Now I found a friend of mine in the unenviable position of a copyright infringement and folks on Facebook are all telling him to sue. Should he?

Be My Valentine

Be My Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day, world. For me, it’s also a¬†remembrance of my father’s birthday.

Big Bertha And The State Of Photography

I watched an episode of The Grid with Scott Kelby and Matt Kloskowski a couple of weeks ago discussing the state of photography today. Their summary, not good. In some ways they’re right, but I think they’re also wrong. Here’s my take on things.