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Are you interested in starting or improving your photography business but stuck due to a lack of business knowledge?

Here’s a resource from an experienced pair of authors, Natasha Martinez and Mark Maryanovich.

You can find Mark’s work on many album covers and in Rolling Stone and Billboard magazines. With 10 years of experience, Mary and Natasha learned things the hard way so they can help you avoid mistakes and craft a great photography business model.

Photography Business Basics

Mark Maryanovich is a Professional Photographer based in LA, and he recently wrote a book with his manager Natasha called Photography Business Basics: 10 Years of Photography Business Knowledge in 10 Short Chapters.

As two real-world photography business entrepreneurs who’ve struggled and learned (sometimes the hard way) how to go from starving artist to savvy businessperson, they help photographers achieve success by avoiding the pitfalls many artists in the business world fall prey to.


Photography Business Basics is a current, post-COVID resource for emerging, mid-career, and experienced photographers of all specialties interested in starting or making their own freelance business the best it can be.


The book includes 10 Elements of Professional Images that were compiled after reviewing portfolios for The Photography Institute and The VanArts Institute of Media Arts.

  • A Flash and Sales Report Template
  • A Personal Budget Template
  • A Target Market Persona Questionnaire
  • A Photographer's Business Plan Outline
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Photography Business Basics Free Chapter

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