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Can You Spot The Difference Between A Prime Or Zoom Lens?

Would you prefer a Prime or Zoom lens? There are photographers on both sides of the issue, and some have fervent opinions about which is better. Are either of them right? … [Read more]

Intimate Portraits: Like Them Or Not?

I went to the Orlando Meet and Greet last Sunday with a specific objective - to force myself to shoot more intimate portraits. Turns out it was harder than I thought. … [Read more]

Should You Use Available Light Or Flash For Outdoor Portraits?

It's a beautiful day. There's a bank of clouds giving soft light on your subject. Should you use available light or flash? … [Read more]

Want To Improve How Your Photos Look On WordPress?

I read a post not long ago from a friend who moved his portfolio to SmugMug. He didn't like the way his photos looked on WordPress. That made me investigate ways to improve how your photos look on WordPress. … [Read more]

The New Fantasyland At Walt Disney World

I spent some time shooting pictures in the new Fantasyland at Walt Disney World. Turns out that there are some things you don't notice until you review the photos. … [Read more]

Which Skin Softening Plugin is Right for You?

Like many other people, I succumbed to Black Friday a few days ago.  I bought a skin softening plugin for photoshop, despite the fact that I already owned a couple of them. Naturally, I wondered which one is the best. … [Read more]