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My Free 12-Month Adobe Creative Cloud Account That Still Cost Me Money Every Month

How would you like to get a free 12-month Adobe Creative Cloud account? I was happy at the thought, but now I'm just frustrated that it was an empty offer because I was already a paying customer. … [Read more]

Castillo del Morro

I think there's a law of the universe that requires photographers to create photos of every lighthouse they see. With that in mind, I had no choice but to shoot¬†Castillo del Morro in Havana. … [Read more]

Two Sides Of The Vinales Valley Sunset

Vinales valley is an agricultural region on the western tip of Cuba in the Pinar Del Rio province. It's a place that's simple, peaceful, and absolutely swarming with tourist buses. … [Read more]

Adobe Creative Cloud Went Out Of Service

Some of us couldn't use Photoshop or other Adobe tools for part of this week. Why? Because Creative Cloud went out of service for more than 24 hours. … [Read more]

Photographing Hands

A person's hands can tell as much about them as their face. Photographing hands is just another way of showing their story. Are they rough or soft? Are they working? Is there a gesture that says something about their demeanor? I've found that I'm … [Read more]

Switching To A Thunderbolt Storage System

I've been waiting for this day to come, but I'm finally switching to a Thunderbolt storage system for my photos and other data. There are a lot of fine options for mass storage on the market, and some crappy ones. Here's what worked for me. … [Read more]