Candid Family Photos

PF 062: Candid Family Photos: Event Photography for the Ones You Love

Candid Family Photos Take Patience and Practice

Candid family photos can be more than snapshots, and they can delight your family and friends who enjoy the way you captured a moment to preserve their memories. If you have distant relatives or friends, these candid family photos are a way of sharing the moments they're missing and making them feel included.

So what's the difference between a snapshot and a candid family photo? Snapshots tend to be random and poorly executed. We've all seen shots that were taken without any forethought, and it shows.

Your family and friends will often look past those problems and be happy to see the photos, but you know that you can do more.

Family Moments Are Events

In a sense, capturing candid family photos is like being an event photographer. You're anticipating moments to capture.

Before those moments arrive, you position yourself to get the best background or lighting that you can have when the special moment arrives.

Make sure you're ready before someone opens a special gift so you can capture their expression. You don't want to give directions, since the photos are supposed to be candid and natural. However, that doesn't mean you can't position your camera to make the best use of lighting, background and composition.

Remember that candid photos of your family are a gift from the heart. It's OK if the photos aren't technically perfect. What's important is that you're preserving memories for your family, sharing with those who can't be there, and giving you a chance to practice event photography with the ones you love.

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  • Niki Davis February 8, 2017   Reply →

    Love it, great tips! Also love Lee’s saying “An act of kindness has never killed me”

    • William February 12, 2017   Reply →

      Thank you, Niki!

      For everyone else, those two little boys are Niki’s sons – from a few years ago. I went over to Niki’s house to take some portraits of her. Her oldest son was having some fun with poses. Suddenly, her younger son came up and gave his brother a great big hug. It was a wonderful moment between the two of them. I was happy to have a camera at the ready when they hugged.

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