Casa Tambo

Finding Photography Locations With AIRBNB

I’m concentrating more on portrait photography these days. Like many other photographers without a dedicated space, I spend a fair amount of time finding photography locations. Fortunately, I have friends who are far better at it than I am. One possibility that I’d never considered suddenly opened up some interesting possibilities – AIRBNB. You may […]

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Finding The Light

Despite hours of planning, everyone occasionally runs into problems finding the light. It happened to me this past weekend. We have a local community of photographers, models, and make-up artists who gather quarterly to meet up and do a little shooting. Saturday we met where it all began for this group, at the Maitland Art […]

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Five Ways To Improve Your Blog

Would you like to know what makes the difference between a blog you want to visit and one that just doesn’t hit the mark? I can give you five ways to improve your blog that you can easily do yourself. They may seem simple, but these changes can have a dramatic impact on your visitors […]

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