First Look At Intensify Pro From MacPhun Software

Intensify Pro from Macphun Software is part of a new generation of photo editing software. It works as a plugin for Photoshop, Lightroom and Aperture, but it also works well as a stand-alone editing tool.

The developers at Macphun Software managed to combine ease of use and detailed control in one software package. Rather than write and post screenshots, I decided to give a video overview of Intensify Pro.

Video Overview of Intensify Pro from MacPhun Software

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There are a few key issues with Intensify Pro that impressed me:

  • The presets are impressive. Check out the Tack Sharp preset under the Detail Enhancement section for an example.
  • The adjustments are extremely powerful and expansive.
  • You have fine control through the range of shadows, mid tones and highlights.
  • Built-in sharing and printing options are a nice touch.
  • You can get in and get quickly while still achieving stunning results.
  • Launch other editing apps from within Intensify Pro.

If you're wondering why this stuff is so good, the reason is pretty simple. After Google purchased Nik Software, some of those folks went off to build Intensify Pro and other photo editing tools for Macphun. Basically, you have experienced developers working on the next generation of processing tools like Intensify Pro.

The video overview seemed to be the best way to give a quick look at the software and its features. I'll share more in the future about Tonality Pro, Macphun software's excellent black & white conversion tool.

Get A Free Trial Of Macphun Intensify Pro

If you aren't sure, Macphun Software has a free trial for you to test the software before you buy.  I've been using Intensify Pro in some of my recent work and it is starting to replace some old favorite plugins and tools. It's definitely worth checking out and I'll post more about how I'm using it in my workflow in future articles.

You can get your free trial using my affiliate link –

By using this link, you won't pay anything extra. However, I'll receive a small commission that helps me pay for hosting this site and some of the other services I use to run the blog.

More than that, you get my support if you purchase Intensify Pro using my affiliate link. I only recommend products that I use and like, so I wouldn't promote Intensify Pro if I didn't think it would help you make great photos. That means I'll stand behind the product. People who buy from my link can contact me for support if you need help using the product, or if you need any help with the vendor.

I'm confident you won't have any vendor problems. The folks at Macphun are really great people. I'm happy to help you out with questions about using Intensify Pro or any of the other Macphun products. Give it a shot with the free trial. Just click here.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments.

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