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Refine Edge can actually save you money. If you take photos in a studio environment, all you need to do is shoot on a plain background and you can use refine edge in Photoshop to easily cut out your subject and place them on digital background. Here's how it's done.

Refine Edge Tutorial Video

When to Use Refine Edge vs. Other Selection Methods

When you see a tutorial about using Refine Edge in Photoshop, all of the photos have something in common.

  • They photographed the subject on a plain background
  • There is contrast between the background and the subject.

While Refine Edge may seem magical, it isn't perfect. Trying to use it to cut out a subject from a complicated background will lead to frustration and messy results. Even when you have a plain background, sometimes you still have to do some manual effort to fix your mask before exporting out of the Select and Mask dialog to a new layer or selection.

I've tried using it on subjects shot with different backgrounds ranging from white to grey to black. I had my best success using a light to middle grey background. It works well for light or dark hair.

My choice is Savage Fashion Grey Seamless Background Paper. You can get it in various sizes. I like the 107″ wide roll. It's much more versatile than getting black or white seamless paper since you can make it either black or white.

If you want a white background, light it. If you want a black background, move your subject forward and choose a smaller aperture to get shallow light fall off.

You can get Savage Fashion Gray seamless paper in different sizes, so choose the width that works best for you.

Savage Fashion Gray Seamless Background Paper 26″ x 12 yds

Savage Fashion Gray Seamless Background Paper, 53″ x 12 yards

Savage Fashion Grey Seamless Background Paper 107″ by 12 Yards

Using Refine Edge in Photoshop is Why You Only Need to Buy One Backdrop

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  1. Refine edge is one of the most important option for removing background.So it’s must be help for every Photoshop learner i am also helpfull.So thanks for this share..

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