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Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone.  

I took this photo a little over three years ago. Quite honestly, I’d forgotten about it. It was just a bit of a joke shot. Imagine my surprise when I signed on to a travel blog yesterday and found it staring back at me. It seems that Gadling discovered the photo on Flickr and decided to use it for this post – Valentine’s Day Help for the Clueless.

It’s not that I have a problem sharing my photos, though I did turn off Creative Commons sharing on Flickr just last month. So why did Gadling decide to use my photo? It shouldn’t have shown up on a search for photos available for use.

I suppose I could get all excited about it, but I’m more curious. Is this a matter of Flickr failing to adhere to my settings to prohibit sharing or is it just another media company swiping photos from Flickr. To their credit, I got a link at the bottom of the article attributed to “Flickr user wbeem”, so that’ll bring in lots of business.

While I enjoy Valentine’s Day as much as anyone else, it also happens to be my father’s birthday. Sadly, he’s no longer with us, but he’s always with me. Happy birthday, Dad.

Happy Valentine’s Day 2013

Happy Valentine's Day 2013

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