travel photography while on vacation

Travel Photography While On Vacation

Balancing Travel Photography with a Family Vacation is Tough When I was a single man, my vacations were dedicated photography trips. Now that I’m married with a family, it’s more of a balancing act to share travel photography with a family vacation. Lee and I discuss some of our experiences trying to get the shot […]

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The Beem Family

My Family Comes Home Today

This post has nothing to do with photography, but it’s important to me.  Since the site bears my name, I figure I’m allowed to digress when something is important to me. Nothing is more important than the fact that my family comes home today.

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Sloppy Joes in Havana

The Easy Way To Take Better Travel Photos

The Internet is full of articles telling you how to take better travel photos. Most of them offer solid advice, although a bit benign. Stud your location, look for the light, etc. Nothing wrong there, but not particularly helpful to stand out. As it turns out, there is something you can do to take better […]

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