Celebrating 100 Episodes of The Photo Flunky Show

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We’re celebrating 100 episodes of The Photo Flunky Show!

Why We’re Celebrating 100 Episodes of The Photo Flunky Show

Our little photography podcast is 100 episodes old. That seems like a milestone worth celebrating. So we decided it would be nice to look back on where we started, what we became, and then discuss where to take the show in the future.

Early Beginnings of The Photo Flunky Show

The Photo Flunky Show started off as a rather short photography podcast published three times per week. I was the only host. Like many new podcasts, the first few shows were a bit rough around the edges, but I kept at it. The idea for the show was to discuss photography from the perspective of an enthusiast who takes photography seriously. Someone who doesn’t mind earning some money from photography, but never wants to be a professional photographer with clients.

I wanted to find a new outlet to discuss photography and was really very excited to start recording. It took me a while to decide what equipment to use and learn how to record, but I found a setup and sound that I liked.

You may think that recording a show would be faster than writing a blog post, but it isn’t. If anything, it takes much more time. It’s also more important to keep on a schedule than blog posts. I found myself recording, editing, writing show notes, coming up with graphics and dealing with audio issues that I’d never considered.

It’s fun, but time consuming the way I do it. Doesn’t matter because I enjoy it.

I Needed a Partner

After listening to several shows, I thought things would be better if someone was on the show with me to have a conversation, rather than just have my voice drone on to your ears. On episode 15, I asked my wife, Lee, to join me on the show and discuss assignment photography.

Walkthrough of a Photo Assignment

Lee discussed how you approach photography quite differently when shooting for a specific assignment, compared to having the freedom to go shoot what you want. Assignment photography defines your purpose for the photos, both in terms of subject and how the photos get used in an article.

Listen to Episode 15 – Walkthrough of a Photo Assignment

Once Lee joined, I knew that we found the right format. Now it was just a matter of deciding upon topics to discuss.

Discovering Creativity and Practical Advice as Our Primary Topics

Let’s face it. We can’t show our photos on a podcast. We can post them on the show notes, and we do, but the show has to be a discussion about photography and useful for photographers. We found that our best topics were about creativity and practical advice about photography.

Here are a few shows as examples.

Photography Foulups and How to Overcome Your Mistakes

How to Overcome Photography Foulups

Taking photographs is easy, right? You just walk up to something you like, snap a shot and you’re done.

Making photographs is much harder. You have a lot to consider and it’s easy to overlook something. That’s why we created this show to help you remember some of the tips and techniques you can use to help remember those important settings for your camera

If you feel bad about some of the mistakes you’ve made as a photographer, listen to this episode. I’ve actually gone on a trip and brought lenses for another make of camera than for the body I brought with me.

Listen to Episode 41 – Photography Foulups and How to Overcome Your Mistakes

How to Deal with Unexpected Requests for Photography

How to Deal with Unexpected Requests for Photography

If you start to get known as a serious enthusiast in photography, you start to get requests to work as a photographer. For some, that’s great. For others, it could be stressful or simply impractical. A lot of serious photographers have a day job and just can’t be flexible enough to work on a client’s schedule.

On the other hand, not every request means showing up to shoot something new. I discovered that people want to buy or license photographs that I’ve already taken. Now that’s right up my alley, except for the ones who want something for nothing.

Listen to Episode 59 – Unexpected Requests for Photography and How to Deal With Them

Improve Your Photographic Composition with Art and Design Elements

Improve Your Photographic Composition with Art and Design Elements

As if making sure all of your gear is set correctly and your subject is in order wasn’t enough, you also need to concentrate on your composition. We share some simple tips that you’ve heard before, but also describe how to use them to improve your photographic compositions.

It’s easy to look at something beautiful and want to take a photo, but capturing a still image that looks good is very different than standing in the presence of something wonderful. That’s why we help you to understand how to use:

  • Color
  • Shape
  • Line
  • Texture
  • Space
  • Balance
  • Contrast
  • Movement
  • Pattern
  • Emphasis

Listen to Episode 60 – Improve Your Photographic Composition with Art and Design Elements

5 Tips to Improve Your Social Media Engagement

5 Tips to Improve Your Social Media Engagement

Social media is an ever changing beast. Learn the rules this week and they’ll change the next. However, the important part of social media isn’t about gaming the system or getting more followers. It’s about engaging with an audience and making it easy for people to find you and you photography.

We share five tips that help you build an engaged audience. More importantly, these tips bring people back to your web site. If it weren’t for social media, I’d have a hard time selling my art. Sometimes I get buyers interested in photos that I never would’ve considered trying to sell.

Better yet, they sell for a lot more money than I would’ve initially asked.

Listen to Episode 78 – 5 Tips to Improve Your Social Media Engagement

How to Stop Hating Your Own Portrait


Photographers make some of the worst subjects. Now that we aren’t incredibly attractive people, but we’re used to evaluating minute details of our portrait subjects. Everyone has some insecurities about the way they look, and photographers know how they’re going to be scrutinized when they get on the other side of the camera.

Let’s be honest, it’s intimidating.

On the other hand, we are who we are and it’s important to accept it. Also, nobody will ever scrutinize you as closely as you’ll do to yourself. It’s not as bad as you think, and we go over some tips to help you feel more comfortable on the other side of the camera.

Listen to Episode 80 – How to Stop Hating Your Own Portrait

Photographing for Color


Whatever genre of photography you like, there are some simple ways to put a new spin on it. One of my favorite methods is to shoot for color. In other words, use color to convey your story. Whether bold or subdued, color conveys emotions, time and even a sense of place.

Filmmakers and photographers use color grading to help drive your senses with color, but I think planning to use color in your photography at the moment of capture has the greatest impact. We’ll discuss some of the ways we use color and the way those colors can tell your story and influence your viewer.

Listen to Episode 92 – Photographing for Color

Don’t Overlook the Detail Photos When You Travel

Don’t Overlook the Detail Photos When You Travel

Travel photography often celebrates the glorious sites and views of the places we visit. Those are important shots, to be sure. However, they don’t tell the whole story.

It’s important to capture the little details, every bit as much as it is to get the trophy photos. The next time you’re taking travel photos, think about the whole story – from big to small.

In other words, think like a coffee table book. You’ll come back with shots that most people will never consider, and they’ll tell the story of those little things that were important to you and may inspire someone else to take a closer look on their next trip.

Listen to Episode 96 – Don’t Overlook the Detail Photos When You travel

The Future of The Photo Flunky Show

One of the great parts of celebrating 100 episodes of The Photo Flunky Show is that we get to think about all the things we haven’t done yet. Lee and I both love photography, and it’s an important part of our lives. We examine the world differently than most of the people we know.

However, we also know that we have a lot to learn. That’s why I’m looking forward to bringing some interviews to the podcast. Not just with photographers, but from people associated with photography as vendors, models, art buyers and other folks.

Lee and I are truly grateful for everyone who listens to The Photo Flunky Show. It’s fortuitous that this episode comes out just before Thanksgiving Day, and we sincerely thank you.

Please, leave a comment below if you have something you’d like to have us share in the future.

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  1. Hi William & Lee,

    I love your Podcast! It has been difficult finding a Photography Podcast that wasn’t so Business & Gear focused. I found your Podcast a few months ago and immediately subscribed.

    I would like a Podcast on Personal Photography Projects. I would love to hear your thoughts on Personal Photography Projects and get some tips on following:
    1. Getting started (i.e. start with the gear you have or wait until you get the gear you need).
    2. Resources (websites, books, etc) on Personal Projects.
    3. Tips for sharing completed Personal Projects (i.e. Social Media, Publish Book, etc).

    It would be great if you could interview a guest who is currently working on a Personal Project or completed one to get their ideas and their perspective.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi, Linda

      Thank you for the lovely comment! It really means a lot of us and we’re happy that you enjoy the show. We also really like your suggested topics and I think we can work those into our upcoming schedule.

      We’re looking for opportunities to interview folks. Setting up the system to get an online recording with the quality that I want took a bit of time to research and buy some gear, but now the technical aspects are out of the way. It’s a matter of finding folks interested in sharing and then scheduling time with them. I expect that will likely start after the first of the year, as December is just a busy time for many people. I’m looking forward to some new features to share in 2018, though.


      William & Lee

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