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Photo on canvas print
APC canvas print – © Copyright 2010 by William Beem

I had a nice surprise when I came home today.  There was a box at the door. I knew it wasn’t my shirts from Eddie Bauer (yes, I’m tragically hip) and I was surprised to find out that my canvas print from Artistic Photo Canvas already arrived.  It came in a nice cardboard box with a label that said “THIS SIDE UP”, which FedEx conveniently left facing upside-down.

My walls are bare.  I have a few framed photos on my mantle, but I’ve never gotten around to getting some large prints to hang on the wall.  When Scott Kelby posted a discount deal with APC, it was hard to resist. 20% off, free shipping and a $15 gift certificate for my next order.  

Then I got busy at work and nearly forgot about it.  Fortunately, the folks at APC posted something on their Twitter account and I caught it.  We chatted a bit and I decided to give them a try.  Having seen their work at Photoshop World, I was pretty confident I’d receive a good product.  So was APC, because they guaranteed my satisfaction.

The problem was deciding what to print and what size to get.  I ended up choosing one of my images from a previous Photo Friday.

It’s not just the work on the print itself that impressed me, but also the customer service and attention to my order.  Beside the chat on Twitter with APC (hi, whoever you are), I also received a call from the gentleman who was working on my print.  

The size I chose – 16×20 – wasn’t quite the right fit for my image.  He would’ve had to crop part of it.  Rather than just assuming I knew what I wanted and cutting out part of the image, he called and described the issue and gave me some options.  I decided to move the order up to 16×24 to accommodate the dimensions of my image.  Now here it is a day or two later and the print is in my house.  Absolutely fantastic.

I’ve been pleased with Artistic Photo Canvas from start to finish and have no qualms about recommending them to you.  I thank Scott Kelby for working with APC to provide the discount deal to push me over the edge and give them a try, and APC for great customer service and craftsmanship.

Now I have to decide what images to send them next time.  I have walls to fill-up.  I may put this one on a red wall, though.

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  1. Glad that APC met and exceeded your expectations.
    I love their work.
    Started with one canvass, now I have two and working on a third.

    1. I’m definitely pleased. Seeing your shot at PSW was enough to get me over the hurdle of a print on canvas. The customer service will get me to repeat.

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