What Everybody Ought To Know About Blogging

There are millions of blogs on the Internet, most of them languishing without much attention. That's because most of their creators never learned what everybody ought to know about blogging.

It's Not About You

What Everybody Ought To Know About BloggingI started this blog to document and share my own journey with photography. That was my first mistake. Not the blog, but the guiding force behind it. Outside of a few friends, most people don't care about your journey. They want to know what's in it for them.

Your blog has to fill a need. It could be informational or just pure escapism. People use search engines to solve a problem. People use social media to share things they think other people should experience. If your blog content isn't meeting these goals, it won't get discovered.

Make A Promise

There's an enormous glut of content and people don't have time to read it all, so they scan for something interesting. Your headline is your first attempt to get their attention. If it isn't interesting, you're part of the glut instead of something they want to share.

Your headline should make a prose to the reader, but it shouldn't give away the whole story. If I know the answer when I read your headline, why would I bother reading the rest of your story?

Get To The Point

Ever have someone tell you a long-winded story and you wished they would just get to the point? That's how people feel when reading your blog post. They don't need a lot of setup. You promised them something with the headline. Now deliver. Lay out your subject in a logical, progressive order.  Make it no longer than it needs to be in order to make your point. Omit needless words.

Make It Easy To Read

It's not enough to have a compelling headline and a great article. If someone visits your site and it's difficult to read, they're going to bail. Nobody wants to read small type. We want to see black letters on a white background.

Keep your sentences and your paragraphs short.

Use plenty of white space. Jamming your words from edge to edge just makes the site uncomfortable to read. People like breathing room. Unlike newspapers, it doesn't cost you anything extra to give some extra space.

Add illustrations or photographs to tell your story. Our sight accounts for 75% of our sensory capacity. All of the other senses have to fit in the remaining 25%. It's worth your effort to make the site easy to read and visually compelling.

What Everybody Ought To Know About Blogging

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    Helpful and timely, as your posts somehow so often are. Thanks WB!

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