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Cuban Cars in Havana

Many people dream of the classic American cars still on the roads in Cuba. I can't say that it was much of a draw for me, as I'm just not a car guy.  Being there gave me an entirely different perspective, though.  These are no longer classic American … [Read more]

Is Photo Theft A Big Deal?

Is photo theft a big deal to you? Almost every photographer I know has had some photo or another stolen and used without permission. Those who haven't had anything stolen almost seem jealous that their work isn't good enough to steal. … [Read more]

Disney Wild Africa Trek

For some of us, wildlife photography just means a trip to the zoo. It's understandable. Not everyone can wade into the woods or head off to Africa on a photo safari. We make the most of what's feasible. I had a chance last weekend to do just that at … [Read more]

Post Processing Fireworks Photos

Happy 7th of July. There were a lot of blog posts showing you how to take fireworks photos, but what do you do after you get the photos on your computer? Here are some simple ideas for post processing fireworks photos. … [Read more]

Saying Goodbye To Aperture And Hello To Lightroom

Most of you know about Apple's announcement late last week.  There won't be any future development of Aperture for new features. That's why I'm saying goodbye to Aperture and hello to Lightroom. … [Read more]

Perception vs Reality

It happened again. Some people who work with me discovered that I'm into photography. All of the usual questions came out as they started flipping through my photos. Once again, I found myself trying deal with perception vs reality. Here's how that … [Read more]