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Faces of Cuba

I met a lot of wonderful people in Cuba. This post, Faces of Cuba, is more of a metaphor than a literal interpretation. The people and the place both had something profound to share, so I wanted to let you see a little of what Cuba shared with me. … [Read more]

Window Light Portraits in Cuba

Many photographers have long known about the beautiful quality of window light. It works on anything from food to portraits. I've never really embraced window light portraits in the past, so it was good to have an opportunity to explore in Cuba. … [Read more]

Flirting With Street Photography In Havana

I have never invested time in street photography. Some people love it, and I understand that interest. You go out and never know what you're going to get. It's like street photography is the Forest Gump of all photography. So that's what we did in … [Read more]

Beautiful Light From A Bedsheet

Everyone talks about beautiful light, but hardly anyone does anything about it. People talk about strobes that can overpower the sun, and that can be cool. Expensive, but cool. Sometimes you can get a cool result without a lot of expense. … [Read more]

Big Day for Evie

I'll be glad to get through today.  My youngest dog is going under the knife to correct a torn ACL. That's why it's a big day for Evie. … [Read more]

The Havana Malecon

I'm told it's the world's longest public bench, the Havana Malecon. It's a seawall that runs about five miles, providing a gathering place for families, fishermen, lovers, and Cubans who just want to hang out. … [Read more]