Chicks Dig Me

Chicks Dig Me

Chicks Dig Me

Chicks Dig Me – © Copyright 2012 by William Beem

Chicks Dig Me [pinit]

Look at this horse.  You know what he’s thinking.  Chicks dig me.

This is just a simple click of an unexpected moment during a photoshoot a few years ago. I happened to come across it, buried in my photo library, while looking through old images. This was just a test shot, so she was just playing with the horse while I checked my exposure. We ended up moving around a bit before starting in earnest because there was better light on the horse’s nose than the model.

I’d love to give you a nice story about this photo, but there’s nothing to it. I ended up working on another project longer than I expected and failed to get the post I had in mind ready for today.  So, I figured I’d toss up an old outtake shot because it made me smile.  Have a nice day and I’ll try to do better tomorrow.


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