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Spaceship Earth: Variations On A Theme

Spaceship Earth inside of Epcot is a bit unique compared to the other centerpiece structures at Walt Disney World parks. It's the first major element you see when you enter and the last you see when you leave the park. It commands your attention with … [Read more]

The Life And Death Of Rechargeable Batteries

Like many photographers, I rely upon rechargeable batteries. Not just the ones that come with a product, but also on the AA size that fit in my flash and battery grip. Sadly, I learned all too much about the life and death of rechargeable batteries … [Read more]

Another Field Test With The Nikon 35mm Lens

It's been a while since I told anyone how much I love the Nikon 35mm lens. There's a Sigma 35mm that also gets very high praise. Perhaps some even better than the Nikon. However, I'm still quite happy with this little prime. … [Read more]

Street Photography In Cuba

I'm still spending time reviewing images from my street photography in Cuba. It's still a bit difficult for me to put my finger on what makes good street photography, but I think this photo says more about a day in the life in Havana than I could … [Read more]

Summer Is Coming

The clouds are dark and there's a thunderstorm every afternoon, yet there's a constant hot and muggy feel to the air. Welcome to Florida. Summer is coming. … [Read more]

Havana Cathedral

For someone who doesn't spend much time in churches, I love old cathedrals. The Havana Cathedrral, or Catedral de La Habana, didn't disappoint. It's a shame they don't build them like this anymore. … [Read more]