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Another Field Test With The Nikon 35mm Lens

It's been a while since I told anyone how much I love the Nikon 35mm lens. There's a Sigma 35mm that also gets very high praise. Perhaps some even better than the Nikon. However, I'm still quite happy with this little prime. … [Read more]

Street Photography In Cuba

I'm still spending time reviewing images from my street photography in Cuba. It's still a bit difficult for me to put my finger on what makes good street photography, but I think this photo says more about a day in the life in Havana than I could … [Read more]

Summer Is Coming

The clouds are dark and there's a thunderstorm every afternoon, yet there's a constant hot and muggy feel to the air. Welcome to Florida. Summer is coming. … [Read more]

Havana Cathedral

For someone who doesn't spend much time in churches, I love old cathedrals. The Havana Cathedrral, or Catedral de La Habana, didn't disappoint. It's a shame they don't build them like this anymore. … [Read more]

My Free 12-Month Adobe Creative Cloud Account That Still Cost Me Money Every Month

How would you like to get a free 12-month Adobe Creative Cloud account? I was happy at the thought, but now I'm just frustrated that it was an empty offer because I was already a paying customer. … [Read more]

Castillo del Morro

I think there's a law of the universe that requires photographers to create photos of every lighthouse they see. With that in mind, I had no choice but to shoot Castillo del Morro in Havana. … [Read more]