An Evening with Trey Ratcliff

Wishes fireworks over Cinderella's Castle

Red Skies at Night - © Copyright 2012 by William Beem

Wishes Fireworks at the Magic Kingdom

On Friday, Keith Barrett & Trey Ratcliff invited some local friends to join them at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom to photograph some fireworks. Gilmar Smith, Mike BlankAli Elhajj also came out.  In fact, Gilmar's photo went blazing up the charts on Google+ this weekend with a great shot – from her first time shooting fireworks.  Very awesome!

If you're a fan of Trey Ratcliff's wonderful work, then there's an Easter Egg in my photo.  He's there in the crowd, so see if you can spot him.  I'll give you one hint.  He's not the person using a flash on his camera.

Video of Trey Ratcliff Creating a Photo

After the fireworks show was over, Trey spotted an opportunity to create a reflection shot of the castle.  It took a bit of persuasion, but it all came together on this photo on his blog.  I shot some video on my iPhone.  It's not the greatest quality video you'll ever see, but it gives you an idea that you can combine your vision, good attitude and friendly persuasion to make some killer photos.  Enjoy!



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