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Five Ways To Improve Your Blog

Would you like to know what makes the difference between a blog you want to visit and one that just doesn't hit the mark? I can give you five ways to improve your blog that you can easily do yourself. They may seem simple, but these changes can have … [Read more]

Five Random Thoughts

I decided to share five random thoughts today, none of which have any useful value at all. It's sort of like putting lettuce on a taco or a burger.  Nobody needs lettuce on those meals, but it's cheap filler for the provider so they don't have to … [Read more]

Portrait Projects

At the beginning of the summer, I wrote a post about doing more portrait projects. Mostly because it's just too damn hot to shoot outdoors in the summer. That idea finally resonated in my brain and is giving birth to something new. After much … [Read more]

ThunderBay 4 And SoftRAID 5 Is Screaming Fast

I bought a ThunderBay 4 disk enclosure with 16 TB capacity from Other World computing a few months ago. It's finally up and running and I'm really happy with the results. Performance is more than double of my old system, and it has capacity to run … [Read more]

Magic Kingdom Train Station Sunset

For millions of people, the Magic Kingdom Train Station is a bit of a landmark.  It signals a transition of sorts. You're leaving the known world and all of its problems behind. On the other side, there's the promise of excitement, happiness and … [Read more]

The Dominance of Color

I have a tendency to prefer color photos. More accurately, I love strong colors. Color contrast, color symmetry or color complements. Just as Joe McNally frequently points out the language of light, I enjoy the language of color. So when and why … [Read more]